Being on the forefront of the academic developments and in constant touch with sales professionals from many different organizations, we have recognized the need for professional selling courses to be integrated into the learning agenda of the school. Having strong, talented and prepared sales people has become an imperative for most of the organizations today.

The sales competition aims to have a twofold impact:

  • To simulate a real life sales experience via a role play and teach the students how to successfully overcome the potential challenges and close the sale;
  • To provide the companies with a networking and recruitment opportunity by directly involving them into the role play as a buyer or a judge.

Sales Competition procedure:

Qualification rounds
All interested students will have the chance to apply for the qualification round. Each applicant will be assigned to a buyer and will receive a buyer’s profile and detailed information on the product to be sold. These role plays should be filmed and sent in for individual evaluation by our sales professor, Prof. Dr. Deva Rangarajan himself. Only the first 50 videos will be evaluated so it is a matter of being quick!

Vlerick Sales Competition
After the evaluation, the best 20 candidates will be qualified to enter our final Vlerick Sales Competition. Following specific guidelines, students will have to try and sell the chosen product/service to a real-life buyer.

This year, the product/service that needs to be sold will be a dynamic CRM system, worked out in collaboration with our corporate partner Microsoft.

Buyers will be played by experienced sales professionals (alumni and partners). To assure consistency and provide equal chances to all the contestants, they will be given a predefined profile and a story line that serves as a frame for the conversation.

Role plays will be judged by a group of sales professionals designated by our partner companies. To assure a non-biased and standardized evaluation, all the judges will receive a set of judging criteria related to a fixed set of skills (A word version of the detailed judging criteria can be found here).

The actual scenario in terms of the buyer profile, needs, company structure etc. will be defined in cooperation with our corporate partners. In addition to the existing guidelines, each buyer will make his/her character as realistic as possible by adding on their personal experience and know-how. The story line and the buyers’ behavior will reflect a real-life situation.

The two winners of our Vlerick Sales Competition will be sent to the National Collegiate Sales Competition (NCSC) held March 1nd to 4th at Kennesaw State University in Georgia, USA – all expenses paid.

Inaugurated in 1999, the National Collegiate Sales Competition (NCSC) is the largest and oldest sales role-play competition in existence.

Last year, our two selected students (representing Vlerick Business School – the only European participant among 73 other universities of which 8 in the Graduate division) came home bearing 3 prizes! This great success has motivated us to repeat our sales competition this academic year and no need to say that we aim for at least as many prizes as last year!

All registrations for the acadamic year 2013-2013 have been closed down.


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