Sales Newspaper coming up soon!

In a few weeks time our sales passionate students will be launching the very first Sales Newspaper! This monthly newspaper will contain sales related content and talk about our Vlerick sales initiatives.

Anyone who is interested in contributing to this initiative can contact one of the chief editor students via email:

First edition coming up on October, 29!

Kirsten Gabrio
Rebecca Van Den Houte
Olivier Van Buyten
Michiel Masschelein



Student input: Kick-off event Sales Club

Dear reader,

On Tuesday night I walked into Vlerick’s chapel with an open mind to learn more about the Sales Club and sales as a career option. After hearing the presentations and talking to the companies, I am starting to understand what all the excitement is about.

Before attending the Sales Club Kick-Off, I wasn’t quite sure what image to have about sales. In my head I was picturing this guy in a suit who is trying to convince or trick people into buying things they actually don’t need. Kind of like selling refrigerators to Eskimos… But now I understand that sales isn’t boring and that it can be a strategic career option. Sales gives you the opportunity to experience the business first handed and it can be a great starting point for a big career.

But if I haven’t convinced you yet, here are some striking numbers and facts. In 2009, 800 billion USD was spent on sales in the United States while only around 200 billion USD was spent on marketing. More than half of the Fortune 500 companies’ CEO’s have been in sales at one time or the other in their career. On top of that, there are around 125 universities in the United States offering specific courses in sales but in Belgium sales courses at the University level are almost non-existent. And after all, if there are no sales, there’s no business.

I am convinced that sales can be an interesting career path and that this programme will prepare me for an even brighter future. So let the Sales Club meetings begin! And bring on the competition… :)

Rebecca Van Den Houte
M3 Student


New speaker – Sales Club kick-off event (25th september)

Due to a change in program, Chantal Goossens, Field Sales Director Home Channels of our sponsor Coca-Cola Enterprises will not be able to join us at our Sales Club Kick-off event next week Tuesday. But we are happy to announce that her colleague Christophe Cuyx will be joining us instead!

Christophe Cuyx is the Field Sales Director of Coca-Cola Enterprises and responsible for Field Sales Institutional Channels Belux & Field Engineering Benelux, leading a team of 185 people. Christophe started his career within Coca-Cola Enterprises as a National Account Manager Home Channels, whereafter he became Group Account Manager Home Channels. Before working at Coca-Cola Enterprises, Christophe gained extensive experience within the field of Sales, working for Alken-Maes Breweries and Kraft Foods Belgium.


Sales Tutorial Videos coming up soon!

For all those of you interested in sales as a strategic career choice and eager to participate in our Sales Competition later this year, watching our Sales Tutorial Videos is a must-do! In these short videos, our very own Prof. Deva Rangarajan will give you a brief overview of the elements of a sales call and how to be successful when doing a sales call. We will be uploading our tutorial videos one by one in the coming weeks so stay tuned and visit our website regularly for new material!

And in the mean time: start by watching our first introduction video!



Kick-Off Event Sales Club (25th September 2012)

We are happy to announce that on September 25th, 2012 we are officially launching our Sales Club for the new academic year with a kick-off meeting open for all students interested in sales as a potential career choice. Sponsors of our sales initiatives will be present to discuss the topic of sales as a strategic career choice and explain why they are working with us and what is it that they expect from this partnership with Vlerick.

Our kick-off event is open for all our Masters students in both our Gent and Leuven campus. Only students who subscribe in advance will be allowed at the event (Click here to learn how). The kick-off event takes place on our Gent Campus in the Chapel and starts at 7pm sharp. The schedule is as following:

  •  7pm-7.15pm: Introduction by Prof Deva Rangarajan “Sales as a strategic career choice”
  • 7.15pm-8.15pm: Introduction of our platinum, gold and silver sponsors
  • 8.15pm-8.30pm: Q&A (moderated by Prof Deva Rangarajan)
  • 8.30pm-9pm: Informal reception (possibility to talk with all our sponsors)

We are happy to welcome the following sponsors/speakers:

Kenneth Bornauw, Unilever – Sales Director

Kenneth Bornauw is the Sales Director of Unilever Belgium. With a background in marketing and product management, he started his career at Unilever as a Category Manager Personal Care where he quickly made it to Business Team Leader. Before taking up his current position, Kenneth worked in different international positions (for Unilever France and Unilever Morocco) and as a Category Director Margarines for Western Europe (Unilever Europe (NL)).

Jurgen Vandervelde, P&G – Associate Marketing Director

Jurgen Vandervelde is an associate Director at P&G with vast sales and marketing experience. He is currently responsible for designing, coordinating and integrating the Belgian and Netherlands commercial and marketing strategy. Jurgen started his career in Customer Business Development (CBD, Sales) as a sales rep, as all sales people in P&G do. After this he held different positions as key-account manager, market strategy&planning manager and eventually customer team-leader. He then made a transition to the P&G prestige business, of which he became country manager BENELUX. Before taking up his current position, Jurgen led P&G’s Belgian household care business as associate marketing director.

Chantal Goossens, Coca-Cola Enterprises – Field Sales Director Home Channels

Chantal Goossens is the Field Sales Director Home Channels of Coca-Cola Enterprises Belgium with extensive sales experience. She is responsible for a team of 270 people including sales managers, district managers, sales reps & merchandisers for in Home channels. Chantal started her career at Coca-Cola Enterprises as a National Account Manager in charge of the customer Colruyt and other smaller retailers where after she became Home Channel Manager. Before working at Coca-Cola Enterprises, Chantal worked in sales functions for different FMCG companies like Douwe Egberts, Stimorol and Master Foods (Mars Belgium).

Siska BossuytMicrosoft – Business Group Lead Dynamics CRM

Siska Bossuyt is responsible for Business Group Lead Dynamics CRM at Microsoft with vast experience in sales and CRM systems. She started her career at Microsoft as a Presales Consultant for Microsoft Dynamics CRM where after she became responsible for Solution Sales Dynamics CRM. Before working at Microsoft, Siska gained experience as a Product and Customer Service Manager working for Barco Projection Systems, PM Komponenten and Navico (Navision Consulting Partner).

Roland VermooteFerrero – Sales Director Belux

Roland Vermoote is Sales Director Belux Ferrero since 2003. He started his career at P&G and worked there for 9 years in different positions in the Sales department (starting from sales rep to Unit leader to KAM and business development Manager). Afterwards he became country responsible for Petit Bateau Benelux for 3 years. In 2003 he started at Ferrero Benelux as National Account Manager Belgium to become Sales Director Belux in 2006.