10 Tips on Sales

Everyone who is in sales should take these 10 tips into account when making a sales call!

  1. Get to know your customer
    Whenever you are visiting a customer, make sure you look him up in advance. Make use of social media tools like LinkedIn to find out who your customer is, who he is connected too and what his role within the company is.
  2. Analyse your customer
    When you enter your customer’s desk, try to see what kind of person is sitting in front of you. Do you see a lot of family pictures? Then he/she is probably a sociable person! Do you see a lot of rewards/diploma’s? Big change that this person will listen to technical arguments and great referrals! …
  3. Introduce yourself
    When you first visit a new customer, take the time to briefly introduce yourself. If you can, use a referral to gain the customers trust.
  4. Euhm… I don’t know the answer
    If you don’t know the answer to a question that your customer asks you, don’t stumble and make up answers. Just say that you will get back to the client with more information on a later moment in time and tell them that you need to check with someone else first. The customer will not even notice that you are not aware of something.
  5. Give the customer enough information to sell your proposal internally
    Once you have convinced your customer that your proposal is the way to go forward, make sure to provide your customer with enough documentation and arguments that he can use to sell your proposal internally in his company.
  6. Be polite
    Nothing is ever so important than being polite to your customer. Even though they are not polite to you. Ask if you can sit down, ask for permission to put stuff on the customers’ desk…
  7. Only ask open-ended questions
    When you are talking to a customer, be aware to only ask open-ended questions. Otherwise the customer might end up just answering with a yes or a no and you will have to go back and ask your question again.
  8. 80/20 rule
    Always keep in mind the what we call 80/20 rule. This means: your customer talks for 80% of the time and you listen and you talk for 20% of the time. Remember: you have two ears but only one mouth!
  9. Analyse your customer’s problem
    Find out what the needs of your customer are, using the SPIN method. What is your current Situation? What are the Problems you are facing? What are their Implications? What would be the Need pay-off?
  10. Present benefits, not product features
    Your customer is only interested in what product features are of interest to him. So don’t end up presenting a long list of product features, he might reject the whole product because he feels like a lot of money goes to features that are of no interest to him. So LISTEN to the needs and then present your product only using the features that could benefit the client’s problem.

You can also download the word version on our Learning Corner!

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